Intuitive Mandala Inspiration Card Pick

Receive a specially created Mandala Inspiration card with an image and message intuitively selected by Natalia for you from her Mandala Inspiration collection; personally delivered to you through the mail. 

All images and messages are intended to uplift and inspire. A nice way to remember that you're not on your own, you're on the right track and that there are others out there wishing you well. Order one for yourself or choose this as a gift to cheer up a friend and spread a little more love and joy.

It's fun to receive a nice surprise in the mail. Keep and display your card as an ongoing reminder on your fridge, desk, sacred altar or as a framable piece of art.

The unique hand-drawn mandala illustration is printed in full colour on premium 5x7in white card with a personalised heartfelt message inside.


The above images are indicative only. Your Mandala Inspiration will be personally selected and printed just for you (which is why it will take up to 7-10 days for delivery).

Please note that this is not a horoscope, prediction about something happening nor directives about what you should be doing. It’s more like a theme or something to reflect on or consider.

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AUD 19.90

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