Procrastination Buster Handbook

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Do you get frustrated at not being able to get your work done, especially after a bout of procrastination or inner resistance?

Would you like some quick and easy tips that you can use straight away to get started?

If so, then the Procrastination Buster Handbook is just the thing for you.

The Procrastination Buster Handbook ebook contains 33 tips to help you overcome procrastination or resistance to starting on something that is important to you.

Each tip comes with practical explanations and suggestions that you can use straight away.

On purchase, you will receive a zip file that contains 3 versions of the ebook (.epub, .mobi and .pdf) that you can download and read on any device. You will also receive a bonus tip summary mini-poster pdf that you can quickly refer to at a moment's notice for an inspirational boost.

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