Body Love Gift Hamper

Be kind to your body. Give yourself some love and care with this Body Love Gift Hamper. Or a perfect gift for someone who needs a little TLC.

This hamper is extra nourishing for your body as the body products are lovingly hand made by Melbourne-based KikiKovic from natural Vegan Certified plant-based products without the nasties. These products are great for those with skin sensitivities.

This Body Love Gift Hamper contains:

  • a Happy Hearts Care Card Deck
  • a KikiKovic hand poured 100% Natural Soy Candle (vegan and contains no paraffin).
  • a KikiKovic Pure Olive Oil Soap, which is naturally anti-bacterial and great at maintaining the skin's natural hydration
  • a KikiKovic Natural Plant Based Lip Balm made from unrefined shea butter, coconut oil and essential oil
  • a Happy Heart Care Postcard (which can be personalised with your message if intended as a gift).

KikiKovic products contain no palm oil and are not tested on animals.

I began drawing these happy hearts in August as part of my own wellbeing and self-care journey this year. I am so grateful to discover that these hearts have brought others so much joy too. I want them to continue to uplift, nurture and inspire.

May these cards and body products remind you that you are a truly beautiful soul and deserving of love and kindness. 💗

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AUD 65.00

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